Cennet Uslu; 01.09.2016
In spite of being in power for fourteen years, those conservative-religious masses that constitute the power base of the [...]
Oral Çalışlar; 13.08.2016
The bottom line is that we have seen the consequences of modernization through the military, and we don’t want to see th [...]
Vahap Coşkun; 13.08.2016
Why was Gülen appreciated by both the centre-right and the centre-left? What was the motive that drove both right-wing a [...]
Oral Çalışlar; 12.08.2016
The West’s traditional Islamophobia has come out of hiding. A younger Western generation in the West is much more hard-l [...]
Oral Çalışlar; 11.08.2016
An openly pro-coup German daily has published an article describing contemporary Turkey as “a tumor within the West.” Me [...]
Vahap Coşkun; 11.08.2016
15th July was the Gulenist junta’s attempt to take Turkish society prisoner as a whole. And society for its part also re [...]
Oral Çalışlar; 06.08.2016
A real possibility has finally arisen of reaching some kind of consensus over changing the system so as to get rid of mi [...]
Cennet Uslu; 05.08.2016
In brief, as against democratically elected leaders or governments that at the same time happen to be religious or who h [...]
Adam McConnel; 30.07.2016
Trump has never borne the responsibility of elected office. Erdoğan, on the other hand, was first elected to office in [...]
Adam McConnel; 28.07.2016
If Mr. Cohen were to pause and consider the implications of his observation that“Turks do not want to go backward,” he [...]
Adam McConnel; 26.07.2016
Hours after the Turkish government declared a state of emergency, the German Foreign Ministry took the astonishing step [...]
Adam McConnel; 24.07.2016
What the citizens of Turkey did on the night of 15-16 July 2016 should be remembered along with other acts of heroic mas [...]
Adam McConnel; 22.07.2016
The failure of the international press is all the more notable because the only thing they had to do was to get someone [...]
Adam McConnel; 21.07.2016
Back on television, incredible things were happening. The citizens of Istanbul and Ankara had taken to the streets, su [...]
Adam McConnel; 19.07.2016
Many details are still somewhat vague, but by morning (on the 16th) it was clear that the coup plotters had aimed specif [...]
Adam McConnel; 19.07.2016
Over the past several months rumors had been circulating that Gülen’s adherents in the Turkish security forces were mobi [...]