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Otelin 4. kat balkonundan düşen Gamze Uslu’nun ölümüyle ilgili olarak ‘kasten öldürme’ suçlamasıyla yargılanan nişanlısı Baki Can Gölcü’ye ‘iyi hal indirimi’ uygulanarak 25 yıl hapis verildi

On the way to Bakur-Rojava (2) How did the PKK decide to go back to war?

This time around, the PKK believes that Syria’s dissolution and the internationalization of the Syrian crisis provides it with a historical opportunity that may never be found again. Hence it is, that it has completely abandoned any vision of an in-Turkey solution, instead orienting itself much more emphatically towards a “Bakur-Rojava” (north-south) state formation project. The HDP has also been persuaded to this plan as never before, brought into line, bullied into obedience, and forced to burn all its bridges by adopting a language of violence that has put paid to all democratic possibilities once and for all.

Syrians and Turkey (3)

The uncertainty about the citizenships of Syrian refugees in Turkey is another reason for the state to realize the failure of bureaucracy and take steps for institutional reforms.

Wouldn’t a presidential system have got us out of this crisis?

A presidential system must be embraced not because it will help cross a “threshold,” but because it is a governmental system that will enable Turkey to achieve long-term success in the postmodern global system.
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But don’t we already have a presidential system?

If a presidential system has already been adopted, that is to say if a “presidential” system is what we already have, then no major changes are necessary. You simply modify all existing laws and regulations accordingly, make them permanent, and thereby establish the new system. But this “solution” can be accepted world-wide as a “presidential” system only humorously by a satirical literature.

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