Apo could be in for far worse than his brother

Apo is silent because he feels his leadership to be threatened. Any statement or declaration that is not to the liking of those in power on Kandil and over the HDP could be the end of Apo once and for all. (...) What happened to his brother Osman Öcalan was actually a threat aimed at Apo himself.

The virtual defenders of the ditches

This picture isn’t limited to Sur. In Cizre, Nusaybin, Silvan, Lice and elsewhere, again and again it is the same images, the same heartbreaking scenes. Those who can, hit the road with whatever meager belongings they have been able to grab. Everyone is trying to escape with their lives from this hell.

The purpose of the ditches

Before and after, and the right and left of the ditches there lie only death, devastation and destruction.

Vital rationality

 Etyen Mahçupyan Many are still puzzled over why the declining vote share of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in the June 7 elections...
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Behind the ditches

Very quickly, however, the ditches swallowed all such expectations. Ancient Diyarbekir, which used to be virtually an open air museum, is today under fire, including all its mosques, churches, museums, and old inns or hostels. The late Tahir Elçi had stepped out to protect the historical Minaret on Four Columns. Now the Paşa Bath and the Kurşunlu Mosque have burned down. Unfortunately it looks as if more will follow.

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