The wall between us

We have been through a phase full of lessons about how the “getting rid of the AKP” outlook can easily resort to inadmissible ways and means, or start looking for unacceptable alliances, whenever a democratic alternative is not available. The difference between these two positions is indicative of the stuff the wall that now divides us is made of.

Why is Öcalan incommunicado?

To judge by the last few weeks, the tense relationship between the AKP and the HDP has been carried over into the post-election period. Hence the isolation imposed on Öcalan.

Why should it be the CHP?

This country sorely needs the AKP to further normalization and democratization. Hence this party has to re-establish its “global legitimacy” in order to open the door to yet another transformative phase. And here is an ideal opportunity that presents itself: a coalition with the CHP.

The end of an illusion

The current parliamentary arithmetic remains incapable of entertaining the possibility of a non-AKP government. As for an AKP-MHP coalition, yesterday and today it is not actually in front of but behind the AKP-CHP alternative by at least one notch.
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The AKP and my own little story 1

At the outset, their policies were in line with my own experience since childhood of living side by side with all our differences. For various reasons this political outlook received one blow after another, while simultaneously another process developed deep inside whereby AKP people gradually came to value their personal interests over their ideals.

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