‘We are going to make you prime minister’

How can it be that for the HDP, the AKP -- which after all is the initiator of the Solution Process -- becomes tolerable only in conjunction with the CHP? What CHP policy or promise is it that makes the HDP feel secure only if they happen to become a partner in government?

Pushing the HDP into a coalition with the MHP…

What is behind the last few days’ banner headlines to the effect that “the PYD is more dangerous than IS”? Is this an attempt to prepare the ground for an AKP-MHP coalition? Is the idea to create a common cause for conflict with the Kurds?

Is the needle likely to turn and point to the CHP?

If the CHP is so anxious to be in government, might it be capable of taking a massive step to neutralize all such negative factors by putting on the table the possibility of a constitution emancipated from its preamble? Could it even agree to a cooperation virtually without any strings attached, such being the attraction of power?

The AKP and the liberal or social democratic electorate

Included among those who despite everything voted for the AKP on 7th June is a portion of liberals or social democrats.
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What if Öcalan were to enter the picture?

It is not out of the question for Abdullah Öcalan to exert his influence in favor of “the PKK laying down its arms and for some new moves between the HDP and the AKP.” Could the calls now coming from the HDP side be a signal in that direction?

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